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        • SBC-2 GANTRY龍門式液壓裁斷機 Oildynamic travelling head cutting presses
        • 功   能 Function
          These machines are suitable for die cutting a wide range of sheet or roll goods materials such as, textiles, plastics, rubber, foam, composites, paper and paperboard, wood leather, cork, felt, as well as items like, automotive upholstery, gaskets, filters, abrasives, shoe components, envelopes, medical supplies, packaging, sponges, caps, linings, balls, stickers, floor tiles, leather goods, toys, etc…

          特點&優勢  Features & Benefits
          * 寬幅度的沖床,節省了另外增加沖壓規格的材料花費
          * 可移動位移,方便操作員視角,準確地擺放刀模的位置
          * 雙手控制,確保操作員的安全
          * 高度沖程重復 度,保證了切割墊的使用壽命和部件的 度
          * Wide bed, allows full width to be processed without the added expense of slitting to a smaller dimension
          * Movable platen, allows the operator visibility to conveniently and accurately place the die
          * Two hand tripping action, ensures complete operator safety
          * Excellent repeat accuracy of stroke ensures extended cutting pad life and clean accurate parts

        版權所有:鹽城澤田機械有限公司  備案號:蘇ICP備12050310號-1
        聯系電話(tel):0086-515-88805628 傳真電話(fax):0086-515-88805308 聯系人(Liason man):丁智軍 Ding Zhijun
        手 機(Mobile):13705106315  地 址(address):江蘇鹽城市大岡工業園區Yancheng, Jiangsu Dagang Industrial Park 技術支持:鹽城思科

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