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        • HYPER-20自動控制液壓搖臂裁斷機 Automatic hydraulic cutter
        • 功   能 Function
          It can be widely used for the forming and cutting of various kinds of fur, leather, rubber, plastic and cotton textile material. It is computer controlled and has the added benefit of being adjustable in the height of the model.

          特點&優勢  Features & Benefits
          * 便宜,節約
          * 堅固的鑄件機構
          * 鋼鐵結構搖桿臂,滿足多種寬度要求
          * 選擇性壓力設定,對于小刀模的應用,可以防止刀模陷入切割板
          * 優越的操作視程
          * 低噪音
          * Affordable
          * Rugged cast iron frame
          * Steel fabricated swinging beam with widths to suit a variety of needs
          * Special selectable setting; for use with small area dies, prevents over penetration into the cutting pad
          *  Excellent operator visibility
          * Low noise level

        版權所有:鹽城澤田機械有限公司  備案號:蘇ICP備12050310號-1
        聯系電話(tel):0086-515-88805628 傳真電話(fax):0086-515-88805308 聯系人(Liason man):丁智軍 Ding Zhijun
        手 機(Mobile):13705106315  地 址(address):江蘇鹽城市大岡工業園區Yancheng, Jiangsu Dagang Industrial Park 技術支持:鹽城思科

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