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        • PM-35-100移動式平面裁斷機  Plane cutting machine with travelling head
        • 功   能 Function
          It is mainly used for cutting of leather, footwear, luggage, cardboard and non-metallic materials.

          特點&優勢  Features & Benefits
          *上下板可以前后往復移動,操作員的工作視野 。
          * Adopt the four-pole winch connecting rod device ,so that the parallel levels of upper pressing board and under pressing board in high, the cutting die was been endured pressure equably in anywhere.
          * The upper pressing board can be moved to forward and backwards to-and-fro, the operator have an excellent field of vision for working, and reduced the labor intensity for operator.
          * Adopt variable frequency speed and buffer device for the upper pressing board moved, so that smooth movement on the upper pressing board and reduce the noise.

        版權所有:鹽城澤田機械有限公司  備案號:蘇ICP備12050310號-1
        聯系電話(tel):0086-515-88805628 傳真電話(fax):0086-515-88805308 聯系人(Liason man):丁智軍 Ding Zhijun
        手 機(Mobile):13705106315  地 址(address):江蘇鹽城市大岡工業園區Yancheng, Jiangsu Dagang Industrial Park 技術支持:鹽城思科

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