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        The predecessor of our company consisted of all the best researchers and inventors from Taiwan Longtan Factory of USM Company of Asia and BU Company of Britain. It is situated in Dagang Town of Yancheng City of Northern Jiangsu Province on the banks of the Yellow Sea. It is the specialized company which produces machinery cutting series of making shoes in China.
        It is our duty to provide the shoe industry and the factories of leather products home and abroad with the best equipments. Our company has won trust among worldwide clients by offering quality,machine parts of reasonable price and good after-sale service.
        In recent years, it has undertaken to produce shoe-making cutter equipments of advanced world level with the help of ARES MACCHINE S.r.l. The major machine parts are all from Taiwan,Japan and Italy.
        Friends all over the world are warmly welcome to our company.

        版權所有:鹽城澤田機械有限公司  備案號:蘇ICP備12050310號-1
        聯系電話(tel):0086-515-88805628 傳真電話(fax):0086-515-88805308 聯系人(Liason man):丁智軍 Ding Zhijun
        手 機(Mobile):13705106315  地 址(address):江蘇鹽城市大岡工業園區Yancheng, Jiangsu Dagang Industrial Park 技術支持:鹽城思科

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